How to set an outdoor light timer

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Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. Updated: February 5, References. A plug timer is a great way to control your lights, lamps, fans, holiday decorations, and more without having to worry about turning them on and off manually. Want your fans on during the day and off at night?

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Article Edit. Learn why people trust wikiHow. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Together, they cited information from 12 references. Learn more Using a Digital Plug Timer.Installing a timer switch in outdoor lighting is the same as installing an ordinary wall switch. A timer switch is an inexpensive device that automatically turns your outdoor lights ON or OFF according to your setting.

Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to install a timer switch in outdoor lighting.

how to set an outdoor light timer

Inside the main electrical panel, locate the circuit breaker that feeds that power line or circuit and switch it OFF. If the circuit breaker is not identified, turn on all of your outdoor lights and get a friend to check and let you know when the lights go off as you switch OFF every breaker alternatively.

Once you switch off the right circuit breaker and your outdoor lights are off, it would be a good idea and a good time to identify that breaker in the panel.

how to set an outdoor light timer

For safety, make sure to inform everyone in the house that you are installing a timer switch and that no one should touch the circuit box until you are done. This is to protect yourself from any accidents.

How to Install a Timer Switch in Outdoor Lighting

Remove the faceplate of your outdoor light switch using a screwdriver. With that done, the switch can now be unscrewed and removed from the wall box. If there is only one cable going to that electrical box, you can rightfully assume that the mainline with the hot wire is feeding directly into the light fixture's electrical box with an extra wire used across the Hot wire and the fixture's middle contact terminal, before being routed to the switch box.

Check the switch terminals for power using a voltage tester. The switch terminals are where the electrical wires are connected to the switch. If the voltage tester detects no power, remove the wires by loosening the terminal screws that connect the wires to the switch. For a timer switch with three wires that are identified by different colors: one wire is black, the other is white, and the remaining wire is green.

The green wire is for the grounding. What you need to do now is connect the black wire on the timer switch to the black wire on the wall box using a wire nut.

With another wire nut, connect the white wire on the timer switch to the white wire on the wall box. Finally, the green can be connected to the box.

How to Reset Your Landscape Lighting Timer to Fall Back

Electrical tape can then be wrapped around the wire nuts to secure them and prevent wire strands from short-circuiting. Push the wires slowly into the box and insert the timer switch into the wall box as well. Secure the timer switch using the two screws included when you purchased your timer switch. Secure the faceplate back into place using the two screws you removed earlier.There are many different varieties of light timers and reasons you may need to have them.

There is sometimes a bit of difficulty in figuring out how to set a light timer. If you have a dial type of light timer, whether it be for an aquarium or small greenhouse box, then the step-by-step guide below should help.

Turn your switch to the auto setting. This is the only way your light will go through the cycle of turning on and off at your set times.

Press down the tabs located around your dial for the times you want the light to on. At this point you will want to also make sure the tabs are up for the times you want your light off. Test your light timer by turning the dial after you are done to make sure the lights turn on and off at the right times. Don't forget to set the pointer back to the current time after you have tested and made sure your light timer is working appropriately.

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Step 1 Plug the light timer up and ensure your bulb does turn on and is not blown out. Step 2 Turn your switch to the auto setting. Step 3 Set the pointer on your light timer to the current time. Step 4 Press down the tabs located around your dial for the times you want the light to on. Step 5 Test your light timer by turning the dial after you are done to make sure the lights turn on and off at the right times.

Share this article. Show Comments.Adjusting Flood Lights for the Best Performance Outdoor Lighting Question: My outdoor flood light that is attached to the garage keep going off and on. Sarah, the settings on your motion detector head may be set in the TEST position. To solve this problem set the switch to on of the number or time delay settings. Motion Detector Settings The bottom of the motion detector head is where the settings need to be adjusted for optimal performance of your outdoor lighting fixture.

Installing motion detector lighting fixtures provide security and energy savings and they can easily replace an existing exterior wall fixture. The Non-Contact Electrical Tester This is a testing tool that I have had in my personal electrical tool pouch for years, and is the first test tool I grab to help identify electrical wiring. Simply insert the end of the tester into an outlet, lamp socket, or hold the end of the tester against the wire you wish to test.

how to set an outdoor light timer

Very handy and easy to use. This popular tester is also used by most inspectors to test for power and check the polarity of circuit wiring. It detects probable improper wiring conditions in standard VAC outlets Provides 6 probable wiring conditions that are quick and easy to read for ultimate efficiency Lights indicate if wiring is correct and indicator light chart is included Tests standard 3-wire outlets UL Listed Light indicates if wiring is incorrect Very handy and easy to use.

The Wire Stripper and Wire Cutter My absolute favorite wire stripping tool that I have had in my personal electrical tool pouch for years, and this is the tool I use to safely strip electrical wires. This handy tool has multiple uses: The wire gauges are shown on the side of the tool so you know which slot to use for stripping insulation.

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The end of the tool can be used to grip and bend wire which is handy for attaching wire onto the screw terminals of switches and outlets. The wire stripper will work on both solid and stranded wire. This tool is Very Handy and Easy to Use.

Hi Lisa, Check the sensitivity setting as well, and make sure the light fixture is not in the Manual Override Mode. The manual override mode is typically activated by turning the controlling switch off, and back on after a brief delay of a few seconds. I hope this helps, Dave. Dave, Somehow both my motion detector spots now longer have the red detector light on. Both liters turn off and on fine. How do I reset the detector portion.

Thanks, Bobw4D9. Hi Bob, Manual Override Operation for a Motion Detector Some motion detectors have an override feature when they are controlled by a switch. For example: The controlling switch can be switched off, wait about six seconds, then turn the switch back on, which will place the lights into a manually on mode.

To return the motion lights back into the automatic mode the controlling switch is again turned off, wait six seconds, then turn the switch back on again. Sensitivity Settings of a Motion Detector If the manual override feature does not work, then check the sensitivity settings on the motion detector head by adjusting the sensitivity dial located on the bottom of the detector head.

You must be logged in to post a comment.Smart Home Focus may earn a small commission when you purchase a product from links on our site. The price you pay is not affected. Thank you for supporting this site. A porch light timer is simple but extremely useful feature to add to your home. The products available today make it even easier and more convenient than ever before. In 30 minutes, you can set up an automatic porch light timer. Never come home to a dark front door again!

This articles explains how to put your porch lights on a timer. A front porch light serves many purposes. For a guest, a lighted front porch says welcome to my home. For a criminal, it is a deterrent that says find an easier target.

A lighted front porch also makes it safer for your family and guests to walk by allowing them to see steps and other obstacles.

How do I Set a 24 Hr Light Timer?

The benefits are obvious, but it is a hassle to remember to turn the lights on and off each day. If you forget to turn them off in the morning, then you will waste energy and money.

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The solution is simple. You can set up a front porch light timer to automatically turn on and off your light every day. The products available today make this very easy. The list below contains the three best options to set up a porch light timer. The options range from simply changing a light bulb to replacing your existing porch light switch. These options are discussed in more detail in the remainder of the article.

Dusk to dawn light bulbs have a built-in photo sensor to automatically turn the light bulb on and off depending on how bright it is outside. Dusk to dawn lights are perfect for porch lights. However, they are a perfect and simple solution for a dusk to dawn light on our porch.

No apps. No programming. Just screw the light bulb in, turn on the light switch and you are done. The easiest and most cost effective solution for an outdoor dusk to dawn light great for porch lights.

The built-in photo sensor will turn off the light during the day and turn on the light at night. Just leave the light switch on and everything just works. Pair with a light switch cover to ensure the light is ready.

This will ensure the dust to dawn features work. Philips Hue lights by Signify are great for creating a front porch light timer. There are several product choices including outdoor wall lights that replace the entire light fixture or simple smart bulbs that can be placed in your existing sealed and covered lights.Press and hold both arrow buttons for three seconds while the timer is in Clock mode to turn the Daylight Savings Timer feature on or off.

Resetting instructions may vary by outdoor lighting timer brand and model. Consult your owner's manual or contact the manufacturer for model-specific instructions.

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Outdoor lighting timers are small appliances that you can program to turn your home's exterior lights on and off at specified times. Using an outdoor lighting timer can save both money and energy since you never have to worry about remembering to turn your lights off.

how to set an outdoor light timer

These timers can also help to deter thieves by making it look like you're home when you're away. If your outdoor timer malfunctions, you can reset it to factory settings and reprogram it in just minutes. Locate the "Reset," "Restart" or "R" button on your timer.

Press and release the button to clear the timer's programming and return it to factory settings. Set the time on your timer. Press the arrow buttons until the "Clock" option shows on the screen; press "Set" or "Select. Set a lighting program for your outdoor timer. Note that many timers can store up to 20 different lighting programs. Press the arrow buttons until the display shows desired program; press "Set" or "Select.

Press the arrow buttons until the desired hour appears on the screen, then press "Set" or "Select. Repeat this step to program an "Off" time for your lighting. Megan Mattingly-Arthur has been writing professionally since Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Tip Press and hold both arrow buttons for three seconds while the timer is in Clock mode to turn the Daylight Savings Timer feature on or off. Step 1 Locate the "Reset," "Restart" or "R" button on your timer.

Step 2 Set the time on your timer. Step 3 Set a lighting program for your outdoor timer. Share this article. Megan Mattingly-Arthur. Show Comments.Malibu lights are good for lighting pathways and for creating usable outdoor space.

How to Set a Light Timer

Malibu Lights are lighting kits for your yard. They can be automatically controlled using the integrated timer, which is located inside the transformer box. The Malibu timer is trouble-free and simple to operate, and works just like many electromechanical timers. Spin the dial so that the arrow lines up with the correct time.

In parts of the country that follow daylight savings time, you will have to do this at least twice a year. Depending on how picky, or ecologically sound you are, you may want to adjust the time so that the lights adjust more frequently than that. Insert the trippers into the dial. If you examine the trippers, you'll see they have a U-shaped cut-out.

This seats the tripper in the dial. The green tripper represents "On" and the red tripper is used for the "Off" time.

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Rotate the manual override wheel until the lights are either on or off, depending on your preferences for that time of day or night.

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Tip Malibu lights are good for lighting pathways and for creating usable outdoor space. Step 1. Step 2.

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Step 3. Malibu Lights. Share this article. Patrick Nelson. Show Comments.

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