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Vision tests. All about your vision. Essilor Insights. Follow us. As well as engaging with younger and hyper-connected audiences, Essilor is proposing many more ways to encourage to people to find out about ways to help to relieve visual fatigue through online information and visiting their nearest optician.

Innovation Products. If you don't get a response from us within a month, it means that your application does not meet our current needs. However, please continue to check our website as we regularly publish new job offers. By sending the form above, I acknowledge that I have read the Privacy Notice and that I have been fully informed of the terms and conditions under which Essilor International processes my personal data. For better navigation, we recommend viewing the site in portrait mode.

Vision tests Vision tests From a vision test to eye examination. Test your vision. All about your vision All about your vision Understanding vision. Visual impairment. Eye diseases. For protecting your eyes. For preserving your visual health. For connected life. For low vision. Our main brands.Our eyes are not naturally fit for the digital age: after only 20 minutes of looking at objects nearby 1our visual ability weakens and we can experience eyestrain, headaches, blurriness and neck pains.

Digital devices are shaping the way we live. They allow us to learn, work, play, socialise and even more! This connected life creates new visual and behavioural standards and we need lenses to support us. Using screens can be hard on your eyes as they have to switch from variable distances and read pixelated characters.

Smartphone screens can even refresh 60 times a second and your eyes constantly have to refocus each time. Eyezen is a single vision corrective lens design. It delivers sharper vision than ordinary single vision lenses and helps prevent and reduce eyestrain.

This could be a sign of eye fatigue. If you work on a computer or look at your phone throughout the day for a prolonged time you could be overworking your eyes which can lead to strained eyes. But what can you do to prevent or reduce eye fatigue? We have just the thing. Click here to find out how. Light is fundamental to our sight and overall well-being. Different waves lengths of light can also cause premature eye ageing, such as Ultraviolet and Blue-Violet light 4.

Eye Protect System is a unique filtering system that can be embedded into Eyezen lenses to create Blue-Violet light filtering glasses. Find out more here. Continue to do what you enjoy with sharp, comfortable vision 1. Learn more. If you do not require a prescription, you can still take advantage of Eyezen. Keep your focus 1 with Eyezen by preventing and reducing eyestrain when using digital devices. Wearing Eyezen lenses also means you get to wear those cool frames you've always wanted. Get our latest frame style guide!

A complete range of single vision lenses optimised for your every day needs.I screen, you screen, we all screen Did you know that most of us spend at least 10 hours a day on digital screens? But all that screen time can be hard on our eyes. Research shows that only 2 hours in front of digital screens is enough to cause eye strain. So what is eyestrain?

essilor eyezen 4

If you are experiencing tired or irritated eyes, blurred vision, headaches or even neck and shoulder pain after using digital devices, you may be suffering from digital eye strain. Digital devices and our constant usage of them, is increasing the demands on our eyes. So what is it with digital screens that is causing our eyes to work extra hard? A NEW, innovative, digital screen protection lens from Essilor.

Designed to relax and protect your eyes from digital screens, all day long. Our eyes are exposed to increased amounts of blue-violet light that my be dangerous.

Thanks to this advanced technology, Eyezen lenses will provide you with sharper vision than your standard, single vision lenses. Everyone deserves the most comfortable vision possible. If you use digital devices on an everyday basis; and whether you have or have not experienced digital eye strain yet, Eyezen is the clear choice to help you relax and protect your eyes.

That's why Eyezen lenses are available to everyone, whether you wear glasses or not. Visit your nearest eye care specialist and ask about Eyezen today. Eye strain is one of the most common vision symptoms and can affect anyone. Learn how you can alleviate the symptoms. Not all blue light is harmful, high quality lenses filter out the harmful rays while letting the good ones go through.


We are spending more time on digital devices and this can result in visual fatigue. This helps to reduce visual fatigue through better visual comfort, better contrast and better clarity. A blue-violet light filter is a standard feature.

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Tools Sitemap. I Want advise product information. About frames my prescription blurred vision near blurred vision far.

Our eyes struggle to focus in front of digital screens. Small text, pixelated images as well as using multiple screens, force our eyes to work harder in order to focus. It's not only uncomfortable but it can also make it difficult to concentrate on what you're doing if your eyes get too tired.Are you having eye strain and headaches from computer use?

Eyezen can help by decreasing the stress on your eyes and reducing the glare off your screen. I feel like my eyes are getting worse.

You could prescribe these patients reading glasses ; however, that creates an issue of constantly taking off and on glasses when shifting focus at distance. I find that most of my patients are working in such dynamic environments that require multiple computer monitors at various distances, or giving presentations which pretty much makes reading glasses far too cumbersome to use.

I'm not very fond of putting patients directly into progressive lensesas that is something that patients oftentimes associate with "old age.

There is the approach for every 20 minutes of near work, look at something 20ft away for 20 seconds where the goal is to relax accommodation and reduce near-point stress, but let's be honest, how many people actually really do that? I find it hard to recommend when I don't do it myself! You can give the "take frequent breaks " advice, but how many of us have jobs where this is feasible? Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum that comes from various sources including the sunfluorescent lighting, and digital screens.

Think about how much blue light exposure the average person is subjected to every single day between computers, cellphones, tablet use, and from the sun! To find out more about the science behind blue light anti-glare treatments, see our article on Crizal Prevencia.

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When you start lifting weights at the beginning of the workout, it is easy. The longer the session goes on, the more tired your arms become, and oftentimes, your muscles may even be sore after the session. The effect digital devices and computers have on your eyes is very similar.

The more time you spend working on computers and performing near work, the harder the eyes are working which can induce feeling of tired irritated eyes, headaches, neck pain, and general fatigue.

Patients especially emmetropes are greatly concerned that if they get glasses their eyes will be more dependent on them. I feel like my vision has gotten worse. I keep getting headaches. Her refraction at distance was essentially plano with a small amount of cylinder. I discussed her digital device use with her. She revealed that she works on both desktops and laptops at work.

She also uses her phone after leaving the office at night. The lens itself has a slight yellow tint and you can see the blue reflections off the back surface. She picked them up, had her glasses on for about 2 minutes and said her eyes already felt better.

The near component made for easy adaptation. She described how things looked so clear, and how she wanted to wear them full-time. I do not find costs to be a significant barrier to entry for these lenses. Some providers participate in rebate programs. If you would like more information on prescribing the Eyezen lens, please visit Essilor's information page here.All that screen time can be hard on your eyes and may cause digital eye strain.

Eyezen enhanced single vision lenses are designed for the way you see the world, reducing strain from viewing digital devices.

These computer glasses also filter blue-violet light, helping to keep your eyes protected and comfortable, even on your most digital days. Book an appointment with this Essilor Expert in your area.

Search for another location near you. Eye Strain Defense for All Ages. Eyezen Enhanced Single Vision Lenses. Call now Book Appointment. They are the first to know about the latest lenses, and about current promotions to make sure you get a great deal on your lenses.

Or Search for another location near you GO. Find an eyecare professional. Enter your ZIP code below to find a location near you. Technology That Defends. Get the details on patented protection from Harmful Blue Light.

View Technology. Combine three innovative technologies for our best in vision, clarity, and protection.

essilor eyezen 4

Learn more. Learn More.

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Ask your eyecare professional what design is best for you.Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 16 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I'm wondering if anyone knows exactly what it should be? Have a great day! Per the updated literature I just received from my rep today.

Eyezen+ The Perfect Lenses for Millennials

Hope this helps. Originally Posted by iaxbbcp.

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Originally Posted by grudyfan Last edited by vfpamp; at PM. I can understand your frustration in how opticians could be entering the wild west of shooting anti-fatigue options from the hip You're 12, you get a 0!

You're 36, you get a 3! Though context can be misconstrued via the written word, I'm sensing a bit of frustration with Essilor specifically. Is that accurate? Originally Posted by vfpamp.


It is a progressive lens. No question about it. Any lensometer will tell you that. When you ask Essilor for the specifics, they will give you the add powers.

So, it's a progressive lens being sold as single vision. I'm Andrew Hamm and I approve this message. Originally Posted by AngeHamm. Originally Posted by Miss Peepers. I was doing the Sola Access often, but the new Davis portal doesn't allow for that anymore.

The Eyezen has been working out well as a replacement. Am I wrong in thinking that since these lenses probably don't need prism thinning like regular progressives, the pt ends up with a wider field of vision overall? Originally Posted by Kwill Functionally speaking, it is not a progressive lens.

Optically, a progressive addition lens has two verifiable powers: a distance power primaryand an addition that provides near power secondary.Because screens are small, bright and we spend a lot of time staring at them, they make our eyes work hard.

Here are some of the most common conditions you can experience by staring at screens for too long:. But you can still get the most out of all this digital awesomeness just by showing your eyes a little love. Looking at digital screens all day can be very harsh on our eyes.

Eyezen lenses are specially enhanced for your computer, TV and smartphone usage to keep you relaxed and protected. The result? Our lenses are a technological advancement designed for how you view all your modern digital devices. Eyezen glasses are designed to relax and protect your eyes in multiple ways. Eyezen lenses are specially enhanced for your computer, TV and smartphone usage to keep our eyes relaxed and protected. Everyone deserves the most comfortable vision possible. Visit your nearest eye care specialist and ask about Eyezen today!

essilor eyezen 4

Eye strain is one of the most common vision symptoms and can affect anyone. Learn how you can alleviate the symptoms. Not all blue light is harmful, high quality lenses filter out the harmful rays while letting the good ones go through. Tools Sitemap. I Want advise product information. About frames my prescription blurred vision near blurred vision far.

Most people spend at least 12 hours a day consuming some form of media. It only takes as little as two hours in front of a screen to cause digital eye strain. EYEZEN FEATURES Maximised distribution of the prescription power on the lens to provide extra focusing support Deflection of a significant amount of the dangerous blue-violet light while letting beneficial blue-turquoise light pass through Fine tuned lens surface providing a sharper vision.

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